Sacred Vessels: Spirit Encounter

“Sacred Vessels” are handcrafted sculptures or maquettes. Thoughts, prayers, observations, and revelations, come one at a time or at times all at once. The spirituality of the land is multisensory: and it comes through hearing, and seeing the desert creatures. The visits are at times flying through the heated wind, or hearing muffled movement of desert creatures along mesquite lined desert washes, seeing the shadow of an animal during a full moon.

Sacred Vessels: Spirit Encounters

Layers of cast resin infused with phosphorescent powders are the lenses that capture and diffuse light. My color palette has become bold and defined. Portions are crystal clear revealing an embedded object-a seed, skin from a snake, and healing soil from Mission Chimayo in Taos. I regularly muse the themes of healing and restoration. v

Sacred Vessel: The Breakthrough

The number of layers and the shape of the castings are spiritual archetypes. Light is a metaphor for awakening, truth, and life. The faint light created by the pieces when viewed in the dark depicts hope, faith, and love.

Published by

Larry Ortega

Artist, idea evangelist, connector and servant janitor. ArtCentric event promoter-Project creator and EVP at Colliers International.

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