“Into the Darkness” Tales of Exodus

Koi A Sea Odyssea 5Part of my recent series of cast resin pieces titled “Into the Darkness” focuses on “Light” created by underwater beings. Unlike light emitting from a light bulb, which can appear angular and glaring,   the light emitted from the organisms has an ethereal feel. Light represents “life” itself and symbolizes the presence of God. Creating these recent pieces I got a sense that I may be depicting the invisible nature of God. Koi the KissDarkness as a symbol represents evil and fear. Only Light can dispel darkness. Darkness cannot dispel Light. The nature of light and dark cannot exist without the other. A black background sets the mood for light invading darkness.
Koi over the Gorge nice 2

An eerie light emits from the Taos gorge illuminating a visitor bringing its light to the dark abyss.

Published by

Larry Ortega

Artist, idea evangelist, connector and servant janitor. ArtCentric event promoter-Project creator and EVP at Colliers International.

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