Ancient Memories of a Whale.jpg“Ancient Memories are…in the Cloud” 17″ x 59″x 2″ 100 pounds. Alligator Juniper and resin cast. Shown with 18″ high Alligator Juniper legs can be used as a bench. Ancient memories of a desert ocean, cloud vistas and whales that once inhabited a shallow sea in what is now the Arizona desert.
Beneath the obvious, a prehistoric story emerged from a slab, “beached” in my studio for over a year. The image did not come completely out of my imagination, I have experienced humpback whales living in Hawaii, fishing in Alaska and surfing in Baja, there have been intimate moments with this creature in the wilderness…

Published by

Larry Ortega

Artist, idea evangelist, connector and servant janitor. ArtCentric event promoter-Project creator and EVP at Colliers International.

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