Exploring Spirtuality

Rio Grande Gorge
Rio Grande Gorge

As an artist, I am creating a journal of experience, each work adding time and dimension and explanation of an alternate reality created in my imagination. I am fascinated with both the mystery of things and the discovery of new experience. My themes: Healing, The Beginning, The End, Kingdoms and worlds. My visions are inspired by nature and scripture; depictions of the creation and the Creator. Landscapes and mindscapes; places created for healing, or renewing ones spirit and the effects of light coming through darkness. Recent work includes small steel and resin cast “altars” and my versions of “Milagros created for contemplation, healing, interaction and communion.

My chosen media has changed in the seasons of my life. Painting was my media for a majority of my formal training. Resins were part of my life as a surfer and craftsman as a “glasser” in the surf industry. The translucent nature of the media inspires me to create skies, oceans and coastlines. The ocean has been a primal attraction my entire life…even as a desert dweller. I continue to explore coloring resins, incorporating steel cases and boxes to create mini altars and meditation stations.

My latest works incorporate native Arizona wood and resin cast into the burls of the wood to create new visions of worlds at a time of the New Earth. Concealed illumination penetrates the resin to create a mysterious landscape that creates a sense of wholeness, healing and peace.

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Larry Ortega

Artist, idea evangelist, connector and servant janitor. ArtCentric event promoter-Project creator and EVP at Colliers International.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Spirtuality”

  1. Larry, I adore this series and am so excited to own one of these pieces. I woke up this morning with a peaceful smile knowing that I would soon have a piece of your spirituality in our home to share with all who enter. Thank you.

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